Human Powerd Hovercraft

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Worlds Fastest Human Powered Hovercraft

Human powered vehicles are amazing devices which must be light, sturdy, and efficient in order to squeeze every last drop of power out of a person and turn it into motion.  Throughout high school my team and I worked on human powered hovercrafts. We built and refined them until we succeeded in creating the fastest human powered hovercraft in the world (50ft. in 8 seconds from rest).   Our design featured several critical innovations that enabled us to achieve efficient motion, such as:

  • Multi-hull design to distribute the pilot’s load and prevent rocking
  • Variable pitch propellers
  • Independent propulsion and lift fans

The craft pictured below was demonstrated in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum under the Wright brothers plane and in front of the Apollo 11 Command Module.

Worlds Fastest Human Powered Hovercraft

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