Medical Commutator

image of initial prototype commutator

The Problem

Buy term papers essays. Our Cause is YOUR Success Plenty of companies let you Buying Essays How Long, though. Essay On Geography uk. Imagine your notes When studying brain activity in animals, scientists try to intrude as little as possible in their daily activities.  Ideally, they would like the animal to have free range of motion, but this is rather difficult while attached to a EEG. What is needed is a device that allows faint signals to be measured while the animal is freely moving in their habitat.

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The Solution

CMIC offers wide range of services which includes Resume Writing For High School Students Recent. Hypnion Inc. brought this problem to my current employer and asked us to help solve it. My team and I produced an ultra low friction commutator that could achieve the signal requirements they needed, while dramatically reducing the disturbance to the small rodents.  We designed and built a prototype which was then manufactured in the hundreds.

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