SolidWorks Human Eye Model

human eye rendering in keyshot from a solidworks 2010 modelCross section of the human eye rendered image

The model is of the human eye and contains detailed parts for anatomy or medical purposes.

Download the SolidWorks 2010 model here

Three configurations of the model are exploded view, full eye and cross section showing:

  • Sclera
  • Ciliary Body
  • Suspensory Ligmanet
  • Cornea
  • Iris
  • Pupil
  • Lens
  • Vitreous Humor
  • Choroid
  • Retina
  • Fovia Axis
  • Optic nerve
  • Optic disc
  • Retina artery and vein

SolidWorks CSWA Exam!

Are you considering taking the Certified SolidWorks Associates Exam? Given I was teaching SolidWorks at the Benjamin Franklin Institute, I thought that I should at least pass the exam I expected my students to take. So last year I took (and passed) the exam. Here are some links to example exams, tips on what to study, and video tutorials for the exam.

Sample Exam here:

link to what to study here:

Video Tutorials here:

Good Luck

This year I plan to take the CSWP Certificated SolidWorks Professional exam. Stay tuned for more details!