64 channel micro array brain implant for measuring neural signals

Micro-needle Brain Implant

The Problem

Brain control has been limited to reading vague signals from an Electroencephalogram (EEG). Obtaining useful data about a patient’s intentions based on these weak signals is difficult. The goal of this project was to produce an implant to decipher statistics from the brain at the neuron level.

The Solutions

Working with a team of superb engineers and scientists at the MIT BioInstrumentation Laboratory, we developed a micro-needle array. It consisted of 64 individual needles approximately 80um square and 1mm in length. The needles assess neural activity by measuring the electrical signals of individual neurons. This technology has the potential to cure many injuries, including paralysis. A patent has been issued for this device. The array was created using the latest fabrication techniques, such as Wire EDM, to machine the needles and laser cut flex circuits to transmit the information.

micro-needle array in comparison to a penny


Patent 7,212,851

This project was led by Dr. Sylvain Martel. of Polytechnique Montréal formally from MIT BioInstrumentation Laboratory