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I build cool things in Boston bobby@bobbydyer.com


Robert Dyer Resume 2020Download


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA


Master of Science Mechanical Engineering, February 2003

Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering, January 2001



Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

Boston, MA


Adjunct Professor

January 2010 to 2012

Teaching mechanical engineering and SolidWorks to second-year students in the ME Tech department.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA


Industry Mentor

October 2005 to 2012

Provide advice and direction to 20 person teams in the senior ME design class at MIT 2.009.


Portal Instruments

Cambridge MA


Chief Device Architect

March 2014 to Present


Developing a novel drug delivery device with a talented team of engineers.

Portal Instruments is developing a unique platform technology to transform the delivery of modern medicines and improve the patient experience. Our patented technology enables the precise delivery of the exact amount of drug at the desired tissue depth irrespective of drug viscosity and composition. Our delivery mechanism is painless to the patient and silent. It is also highly customizable across a large variety of medical, animal, agricultural, and cosmetic applications.


Wyss Institute

Cambridge MA


Staff Mechanical Engineer

July 2012 to March 2014


Lead engineer on a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientist to develop a soft exosuit to aid in human locomotion. Created electro-mechanical hardware capable of the rigorous testing required for prolonged use in a dynamic environment. Contributed to the Wyss’s successful second round of funding from DARPA.


On Demand Therapeutics

Tyngsboro MA


Principal Mechanical Engineer

April 2011 to June 2012


Oversaw the mechanical engineering effort to develop an innovative drug delivery implant for treatment of retinal diseases of the eye. Employing and creating cutting-edge manufacturing and assembly techniques to build sub-millimeter scale complex devices constructed of glass, metal, and polymers. Developing advanced large molecule lyophilization techniques for single-dose tablets.


Cambridge Consultants Inc.

Cambridge, MA


Principal Mechanical Engineer

August 2005 to March 2011


Cambridge Consultants is a multi-disciplinary consultancy focusing on medical device and instrumentation design. Participated in various projects ranging from high volume injection molded products for drug delivery to large-scale instrumentation and diagnostics. Currently developing a high volume low-cost medical device which incorporates electronics and mechanical systems.


Intelligent Automation Inc.

Rockville, MD


Mechanical Engineer

February 2004 to July 2005


Lead mechanical engineer on a Phase 2 DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) project to develop a new semi-autonomous transport vehicle capable of omni-directional motion and obstacle negotiation. Developed an innovative method using passively locking joints to walk over obstructions carrying a 5000lbs load resulting in an ongoing patent application. Designed and built two full-size transport prototypes using complex 3D computer models. Reported and presented progress to Navy project coordinators.


Prototype Productions Inc.

Ashburn, VA


Mechanical Engineer

November 2003 to January 2004


Consulted with a medical device company to develop a haptic simulator used to train doctors to perform endoscopic medical procedures. Used state-of-the-art 3D manufacturing techniques to add lifelike sight and touch sensations to the user experience and added a suite of sensors for greater simulation feedback. Created multiple prototypes under tight client deadlines.



Boston, MA


Co-Founder & Chief Design Engineer

October 2000 to November 2003

Founded a 4-person engineering consulting company specializing medical grade commutators for the bioscience industry.


Bio-Instrumentation Laboratory at MIT

Cambridge, MA


Graduate Research Assistant

September 2001 to January 2003

Needleless Injection Device: Developed a hand-held needle-free injection device for drug delivery as an independent design project for my graduate thesis. Designed a proof of concept prototype as well as a device to obtain accurate measurements of system performance. Patent pending for use of shape memory alloy as an actuator.



Microtablets for Drug Delivery (Patent No. 8,597,680), System for Making Microtablets for Drug Delivery (Patent No. 8,317,507), Reconstitution Device (Patent No. WO 2,007,140,238), Micro-structured Arrays for Cortex Interaction and Related Methods of Manufacture and Use (Patent No. 7,212,851, Reconstitution

Device (Patent No. WO2007140238), Needle-less Drug Injection Device (Application No. 0050.2048-000).